DIN ISO 29990:2010 is a quality management system for apprenticeships and training which focuses on learning processes and their respective improvement. The international standard focuses on teachers, students and additional clients as well as parties interested in successful learning results (so-called interested parties). This new standard is different from other educational norms due to its international focus.

Advantages for you as a training provider (Lerndienstleister/LDL)
* international marketability
* meeting the national certification requirements of other countries
* process optimisation (P-D-C-A)
* clearly defined and documented processes
* development of internal quality skills
* this standard can form a basis for industry-specific standards (languages, distance learning)
* motivated personnel and active involvement of personnel in change processes

Advantages for students
* transparency/comparability of offers
* transparency/comparability across national borders
* reliability of offers
* information on assessment criteria for courses
* optimised processes
* improved learning environment
* provision of resources, including trainers with sufficient competency

Advantages for international co-operation
* joint quality basis by means of uniform standards/a joint understanding of quality
* no distortion of competition
* internationally comparable standards in terms of the development of quality
* a basis for the development of further specific requirements in regards to international educational collaborations

QUACERT has been accredited as an authority by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DakkS) and is able to carry out certifications in accordance with DIN ISO 29990:2010. You can always contact us in terms of non-binding offers concerning certifications. Please complete the contact form on our website.

On behalf of Forum Distance Learning and in collaboration with additional experts, QUACERT has developed a guidance manual on AZAV, comparing it to DIN ISO 29990. The aim of the guidance manual is to indicate comparability between quality management systems. Based on the quality requirements as per AZAV, similarities and differences in regards to DIN ISO 29990 are summarised accordingly.

The guidance manual may be ordered from the Forum Distance Learning website for the price of € 10.00: http://www.forum-distance-learning.de