Life today cannot be imagined without information technology. Digitalisation and the processing of information accompanying it play a huge role for companies due to their high value, No matter if it is about customer information, internal communication or the newest research results. This comes along with large risks.

Time and time again there are news about attacks from hackers, intelligence services or other unknown organisations. This can lead to loss of data and trust, misuse or public disclosure of confidential information, system failures and crippling disruption of operations up to fines or indemnity. Every year an estimated damage of several hundred billion Euros is done. According to experts companies with a staff of under 100 a cost in the five figure range is incurred – and this type of attack will only increase in frequency in the future.

This is where so called information security management systems come in to safeguard this data. The international leading norm ISO/IEC 27001 offers clear guidelines for the planning, implementation, monitoring and optimisation of it-security in your company. It can be adapted to the individual needs and requirements of your company – whether big corporation or small business, public, non-profit or private organisation. Also an important aspect of this norm is avoiding unplanned disruptions and an increase availability of data.

Your benefits in summary:

  • Better defence against attacks, early detection of security flaws, faster repair of damages
  • Risk minimization through risk analysis, development of damage scenarios and concrete countermeasures
  • Regular assessment and constant optimisation and adaptation according to current conditions with the plan-do-check-act-cycle and periodic audits
  • Sensitisation of all hierarchical levels for it-security
  • Trust building, improvement of competitive position, access to tendering procedures
  • Ensuring efficiency, confidentiality and integrity through optimal availability and security of data
  • Flexibility and cost saving through integration with other management systems