Acceptance and admission order on further education (AZWV) and accreditation and admission order on the promotion of work (AZAV)

Increased competition and ever-growing client demands led to a more focused discussion of quality in terms of education in 2004. The lawmaker reacted by changing the social code (SGB) III (§§ 84, 85 and 87) as well as the acceptance and admission order on continuous education (AZWV) issued by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Work (BMWA).
Even though the acceptance of organisations had been carried out by local employment agencies up until that point since 1st January 2006, both educational organisations as well as educational measures are being organised exclusively by means of private certification authorities, so-called expert authorities (FKS). These are admitted and registered centrally via the Federal Employment Agency's admission department.

By means of the law on the improvement of integration into the workplace a new chapter was introduced to the third social code (SGB III) in 2011 in regards to the admission of organisations and measures. The regulations are aimed at improving the quality of employment market services, and therefore performance and efficiency in relation to the employment market's support system in a sustainable manner. In order to achieve this, the system for the admission of educational organisations has been extended to include expert authorities in the area of “vocational training” (AZWV) in terms of “vocational support” (AZAV).
The admission requirements in regards to the accreditation and admission order on vocational support (AZAV) now apply to all organisations, which carry out vocational support measures as per SGB III, or which have these carried out on their behalf.
The admission (accreditation) is no longer carried out by the admissions department at the Federal Agency for Employment. They ceased to be responsible on 1st April 2012. The responsibilities have since been assigned to the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DakkS).

QUACERT was accredited as an expert certification authority by the Federal Agency for Employment on 10th May 2005 and has been permitted to carry out certifications in accordance with AZAV since 2012.
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