On the basis of the number on every QUACERT-certificate its validity can be checked.

Every certificate has an identification number, the so called registery number (Reg.nummer). The registry number is found at the bottom of the certificate and usually begins with "QC". The only exceptions being BQM certificates.

Please note that every QUACERT-certificate has a validity period (so called Zertifikatslaufzeit). If this validity period has ended the certificates is invalid, otherwise a new certificate with a new validity period would have been issued. There are also certificates that are invalid despite the validity period not being over. The list of these certificates is regularly updated and found in the link on our German page:

Since 01.08.2017 we are obligated to report the withdrawal of AZAV institution certificates directly to the DAkkS. The report to the BA (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) is done by the DAkkS.

If you have any further questions about the validity of certificates issued by us you can contact us via the present communication channels.