As a company for the certification of management systems we offer three main superior services to our clients and all interested parties:

  • Respectability and an excellent reputation as an independent and qualified certification company
  • Flexibility and reliability as a modern certification company, which has been accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065
  • Objective, confidential and fair handling of all certification processes

We do not offer management system consulting and are therefore unable to provide the following services directly or indirectly:

  • Services, which others offer or provide that we certify
  • Support in regards to the development, implementation or maintenance of management systems
  • Training in terms of company-specific solutions.

Furthermore, we are able to ensure by means of our management system, that no internal and external staff utilised have provided such services for our clients in the last two years.

No efforts are spared in terms of maintaining our excellent reputation. Our competent auditors and experts are selected based on strict guidelines, continue to participate in further training and will ensure a qualified and competent evaluation of the respective systems.

In terms of our clients, no effort is too much. All staff is obligated to serve our clients as quickly as possible and treat them in an equal and non-discriminating manner.

The name QUACERT stands for the responsible handling of the privilege to be able to provide certifications. The main aim is to establish long-term relationships with satisfied clients. Both our management and our staff take full responsibility in this respect.

The realisation of all specifications to the benefit of our clients is ensured by means of a steering committee, which monitors and guarantees our commitment in terms of impartiality.